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The Rebel Princess Sports & Graphic Art 
For someone who has been an creative person her entire life, creating art comes very natural to this individual. Seeing something she created put a smile on someone's face makes the creative effort worthwhile. 
With an extremely driven work ethic, she takes pride in every piece she does. Her creations speaks for themselves. She is a die hard New York Ranger & San Francisco Giants fan, thinks Tim Lincecum is a freak of Nature, Ryan Miller is a God and animals are better companions than people. If you would like to commission her for a piece or purchase any of her featured work, please contact
Nota The Artist

This incredibly talented artist has been drawing most of his life. His work is extremely detailed and it is all done with the use of a sketch pad and a pencil.
The emotion in his work speaks volumes. Nota’s work is a reflection of his love, his passion and his life.
Here are some samples of his drawings. If you would like to commission him for a piece or purchase any of his featured work, please contact